Dog Pro was born in 2018 after a long experience in pet training. One of our main goals is to supply reliable, high quality products to professional instructors and owners of our beloved friend dogs. The idea for this business came after a long frustration, as we realized is impossible to find reliable educational products in Greek market that do not injure the dog.

Being a trainer based on positive education, I am opposed to products that are dangerous or oppress our faithful buddies, such as collars with nails, electric collars, chronotron sprays. Unfortunately, many people do not know that many of these products are forbidden by law and have no place in education, any use of them is totally inappropriate.

We distribute a selected range of products, after thorough research and provide a reliable customer service and technical configuration to our customers. The main features of the products we choose are functionality, innovation, quality and of course the balanced price.

If you love your dog and you hope his has a great life without suffering, in our shop you will find the most animal-friendly equipment. Our vision is to contribute to the well-being of dogs and their guardians through the sale of equipment that does not torment and does not abuse our four-legged guardians Angels.